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  • Enabled instant decision-making
  • Strengthened client relationships
  • Provides a competitive advantage
  • Reduces cost of international telephone calls
  • Able to easily connect over-seas

Video conferencing supports Dutch law firm’s long-distance relationship with Caribbean colleagues

Dutch law firms extends its reach overseas to combine services, clientele with Caribbean based law firm.


Specialist Dutch law firm Meijer Advocaten has recently extended its international reach by entering into a collaborative relationship with davidkock legal, a full service law firm in the Dutch Caribbean. Recognising the need to enhance communication right from the start, Meijer has adopted a Polycom® video conferencing solution to enable inter-office collaboration and help drive the fledgling relationship forward.

Thanks to the sharp, clear, lifelike high definition (HD) collaborative experience offered by the Polycom equipment, partners at the two law firms are now better able to share knowledge, coordinate legal strategies and ultimately deliver a better, more informed and consistent service to their international clientele.

Extending its international presence

Meijer Advocaten is a privately-owned law firm operating from its office in The Hague where a staff of five qualified lawyers offer particular services in various aspects of civil, property, financial and taxation law.

With such a specialist remit, Meijer was keen to establish an international presence that would provide the high level legal service demanded by its exclusive clientele.

Founder and senior partner, Joost Meijer, said: “The relationship with davidkock legal gives us the reach and international expertise demanded by our clients. We needed to adopt a more sophisticated communication solution to underpin and support this.”

For Joost, liaising with his Caribbean partners has not only meant numerous phone calls and emails, but also regular trips to the former Dutch colonies of Aruba, Curaçao.

Sophisticated features

Consequently, Joost approached local telecoms company, Helder Telecom, leading ICT provider to the legal profession. With a long relationship with Polycom, Robert Kranenburg at Helder discussed the law firm’s requirements and the range of solutions available. To Joost, the choice was a no-brainer.

“We decided on a Polycom HDX 6000 room telepresence system because it is very easy to set up and use, and offers a range of sophisticated collaborative and content-sharing features,” Robert Kranenburg explained.

The Polycom HDX 6000 is a fully featured, low-cost, room telepresence system that allows teams of people to easily connect over distance and enjoy high definition voice, video and content sharing.

The HDX 6000 was installed in Joost’s office conference room in January 2011 and contact was immediately established with the legal offices, which have existing Polycom video conferencing systems in each.

Simple to use

“I was immediately impressed with the ease of use of the Polycom equipment,” claimed Joost. “It is simple to dial into and its high definition screen and excellent sound quality mean I can have much more natural, life-like conversations.”

Partners in both firms now regularly use the video conferencing link to discuss strategy, conduct knowledge-sharing seminars and to collaborate on client cases that are relevant to both geographies.

“The Polycom equipment has actually saved the day on a couple of occasions,” Joost admitted. “While I was in Aruba recently, an important client back in Holland needed some immediate advice and guidance. He went into our offices and we discussed his case via video conference when I was able to advise and reassure.”

Supporting and strengthening relationships

In fact, Joost is realising that the ability to advise and reassure his Dutch clients via video conferencing while he is in the Caribbean is delivering unforeseen benefits for his law firm. This not only demonstrates professionalism and commitment by Meijer Advocaten to the client and his business which strengthens client relationships - but also provides a competitive advantage over law firms that do not employ video conferencing.

“The fact remains that the Polycom solution fulfils the main objective we established at the outset,” Joost continued, “and that was to enhance collaboration with our overseas partners and support the relationship moving forward. I can think of no better way this could be achieved and the Polycom video conferencing solution makes it seamless and simple.”

A future with Polycom

It is early days for Joost and his legal partners, but he nevertheless sees the day when the use of his Polycom equipment will be extended, if not augmented by more Polycom systems.

“davidkock legal are looking to expand into the Caribbean island of Saint Martin in the future and we will need to include them onto our Polycom video conferencing network,” Joost explained.

Joost added they also intend widening the usage to include associate lawyers, rather than just the partners using the equipment at the moment.

Also, he intends to create an exchange scheme between the two law firms so graduate lawyers from each company can benefit from working in foreign countries to gain international experience.

“It has been an excellent experience, from the seamless implementation in my office to the whole dial-up and collaboration process,” Joost concluded. “Polycom is now a key partner in our communication strategy and I would recommend them to anyone.”

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