Polycom Firewall Traversal & Security

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Polycom Firewall Traversal & Security solutions remove communication barriers and enable internal and external teams to collaborate more easily and effectively over video. These solutions enable a trusted route for users to connect from virtually any location and device and provide support for business-to-business communications and intra-company networks.  By providing a seamless video collaboration experience, Polycom enables organizations to focus on what really matters – connecting people, networks and companies.

Polycom Firewall Traversal & Security solutions support a variety of devices including telepresence systems, desktop video applications and mobile devices. These solutions allow companies to provide secure and robust connectivity for different communication protocols such as H.323 and SIP.

  • Enables video collaboration across business-to-business and intra-company networks
  • Seamless integration with Polycom RealPresence Platform solutions
  • Easily, securely and reliably extend the use of video collaboration to your employees, partners and customers
  • Combined support for a variety of devices and communication protocols such as SIP and H.323

Polycom Firewall Traversal & Security solutions are a powerful component of the Polycom RealPresence Platform, enabling users to collaborate over video from virtually any location or device, providing support for business-to-business and intra-company collaboration.

  • Accelerates the ROI of your existing networks by extending telepresence and video to new groups of users
  • Reduces the impact of telepresence and video on the network with secure traffic optimization
  • Operates seamlessly with all standards-based video endpoints, gatekeepers, and multipoint conferencing platforms

RealPresence Access Director

Skalierbare, sichere Lösung zur Firewall-Überquerung, die eine nahtlose Video Collaboration zwischen Netzwerken verschiedener Unternehmen und innerhalb eines Unternehmens für H.323- und SIP-Geräte, einschließlich neuer Polycom SVC-Lösungen, ermöglicht.

Video Border Proxy (VBP) E-Serie

Die Geräte der E-Serie ermöglichen und verbessern die Video Collaboration zwischen Unternehmen bei Einsatz der H.323-Videokommunikation.

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